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Williams AV - DL 102 SY2
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Counter Loop Amplifier System with Microphones

Model: DL 102 SY2

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The DL102 Loop amplifier provides a practical solution for a user to hear with their T-coil enabled hearing device in small areas such as counters and service desks.

Audio is wired into the DL102 amplifier via a line-level input or microphone. Audio is fed from the amplifier through the loop wire in the area where a T-coiled hearing device can pick-up the audio.

With no direct connection between the user and service personnel, users can hear effectively when using the T-coil in their customized hearing devices.

This loop system is supplied with a loop pad, microphones and a spool of wire.

System Includes

DL102 amplifier
Power supply
AC line cord
Loop notice stickers
Set of adhesive cable clips
MIC 105 – Microphone
MIC 027 – Unidirectional handheld or desktop microphone
STD 005 – Microphone Stand for MIC 027
IDP 009 – ADA T-Coil Compliance Sign
PLW 037 (120ft Spool of wire)
PLM 001 – Loop Pad

How It Works

The DL 102 and a loop pad are installed discretely on the side or under the counter.

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