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Vaddio Announces DomeVIEW™ HD Series Dome Enclosures for HD-20/HD-18 Cameras
Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Vaddio Announces DomeVIEW™ HD Series Dome Enclosures for HD-20/HD-18 Cameras he DomeVIEW HD Series Dome Enclosures for Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-20 and HD-18 PTZ cameras provide integrators with a secure camera housing designed to protect the PTZ camera against damage that can be caused when cameras are exposed to the elements and vandalism. The clear and smoked optically correct domes provide for distortion-free viewing that allows the camera operator to position the camera anywhere within its pan/tilt range. “In the broadcast and AV industry where high definition camera images need to be reproduced as accurately as possible, dome camera housings have always proved to be a challenge to our integrators,” explained Vaddio President, Rob Sheeley. “As most of the existing dome enclosure manufactures design their products to be used in lower quality standard definition security camera applications, they tend to introduce visual distortion, reflection and glare when trying to support a broadcast quality PTZ camera. The DomeVIEW product line now gives integrators a broadcast quality dome to use with broadcast quality cameras.” The Series includes an Indoor Flush Mount Dome, Indoor Pendant Mount Dome and a light-duty Weather-Resistant Outdoor Pendant Dome. The Outdoor Weather-Resistant Pendant Dome is designed for use under a building overhang, canopy or any other outdoor structure. Included with the Outdoor Pendant Dome is a heater/blower designed to keep the dome’s temperature at an optimal level. Each enclosure includes a 12-inch optical-grade polycarbonate dome (clear or smoke-tinted depending on dome type), metal back cans and mounting hardware.