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Silverstar is a premier midwest car wash chain. Like many businesses, they have TVs around their main office and need a reliable way to use them. They may want to use their TVs for meetings, check on their live security feeds, or kick back and watch cable TV during downtime.

It’s easy to do all these things with one TV, but it’s not as easy with many TVs. Each TV may need a computer with a mouse and keyboard, internet access, and a cable box. Depending on the number of TVs, this can be a cost and cabling nightmare.  For a growing business like Silverstar, eventually, they’ll need even more TVs, dramatically increasing costs.One solution is to distribute the AV sources, like the security feed computer. By distributing AV sources, Silverstar can view any AV source on any TV or all TVs at the same time.

Distributing AV sources is possible with an AV over IP solution like MXnet by AVPro Edge. An AV over IP solution allows Silverstar to distribute AV sources over a secure IP networkthat is flexible enough to expand at any time. This way, Silverstar can watch what they need, when, and where they need to, even if they add more TVs. The magic behind AV Over IP technology and how it can make your TV experience at home or in your business easier and more enjoyable. We'll show you how to effortlessly distribute your favorite content, whether it's for work or relaxation, all while saving costs. No more complex setups or budget concerns - with AV Over IP, you can take control of your entertainment and discover a whole new level of flexibility. Tune in now to unlock the secrets to a more streamlined and cost-effective way to enjoy your TV!

MXNet by AVPro Edge is just one tool that helps Silverstar operate more effectively and deliver excellent service from their dependable carwash chain. For more details on how Silverstar uses AV over IP, check out our next video, where we break down the tech behind the TV at Silverstar.