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Optoma and Video Sistem create two 20-metre blends at the MeBo museum in Biella, Italy

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Optoma and Video Sistem create two 20-metre blends at the MeBo museum in Biella, Italy
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Video Sistem, an Italian company based in the Milan area, has been operating for over thirty years in the sale and installation of professional Audio / Video equipment. In addition to playing a leading role among Optoma partners, Video Sistem is renowned in Italy for professional video projection and collaborates with numerous companies capable of offering support in the most complex installations.

It is thanks to the collaboration with a company specialising in content creation, the Immaginoo by Maurizio Vezzoli, that Video Sistem got in touch with the MeBo museum in Biella. It is a unique museum, and the name itself is the result of the union of the first two syllables of the names Menabrea, a renowned brewery in Biella, and Botalla, a historic cheese factory and creator and producer of the well-known Sbirro cheese.

The requirement expressed by the museum was to create two 20-metre wide projected images, positioned opposite each other. A multi-projector installation was therefore required with a blending system capable of fully covering the two selected areas.


Massimo Pozzi from Video Sistem, commented: "We proposed the installation of two blended displays, each consisting of four Optoma ZU506Te projectors and the feedback from the management of the MeBo museum was immediately positive.” He continued: "The support we received from Optoma's Italian managers was also strategic and allowed us to tackle and resolve any technical problems as quickly as possible."

Installation was smooth and did not present any major challenges due to the versatility of the Optoma ZU506Te which made positioning and installation of the numerous projectors particularly simple.

On the other hand, the procedures linked to the synchronisation of the two projection areas were more complex. Massimo Pozzi added: "At first glance, the request for synchronisation by the managers of the MeBo museum caught us off guard because the Vioso system we chose to use for blending did not include this functionality so a separate solution was needed. As part of its system integration service, Video Sistem has a series of internal resources dedicated to software development which were used to create a bespoke application to coordinate the two 20-metre projection blends."

The museum was also equipped with a real control console with blending, audio, mixer and PC controls to manage any type of synchronisation.


The achievement of such an ambitious goal was the starting point for the MeBo museum’s new identity. In fact, from a simple point of focus on local culture, the enrichment of the museum with two new large projected displays made it possible to promote the museum as a desirable location for third-party events.

Simona Bonino, CEO of Botalla, commented: "The high-quality Optoma projectors and the competence of Mr. Pozzi and his team gave our visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of the two symbolic companies."

Remarkably, the intervention of Video Sistem through Optoma projectors has brought significant added value as the investment in a communication system has become a source of income and representation for a museum that has gained an increasingly valuable role. important within its region.