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Erding Registry Office
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The Erding Registry Office is in charge of handling passport matters in Erding, a provincial town about 40 km north east of Munich, Germany. In order to better serve its population of about 36,000, the registry office decided to digitize its workflows.


Nine Erding Registry Office employees process passport applications for around 50 customers every day. Prior to digitization, each case required the use of up to four sheets of DIN A4 paper per customer for the application form alone. In addition, applying for a passport, identity card and other papers requires the signing of further documents including the affidavit of nationality and an advisory document on the storage of fingerprints. In the past, the application process entailed printing out each of the relevant forms, presenting them to the customer, capturing the customer’s signature multiple times, and scanning in the signed documents to digitize them. The digital versions were then archived in the system, and the hardcopy versions were destroyed. Erding Registry Office managers decided to look for an alternative solution that would reduce the cost and effort associated with this inefficient paper-based process.


Registry office staff first became aware of Wacom devices at the in-house fair held by the Institute for Local-authority Data Processing in Bavaria (AKDB). They then worked with IT systems house LivingData, a fully owned subsidiary of AKDB, to implement the necessary process software and test a Wacom pen display. After an extensive trial phase, Wacom interactive pen displays were selected for the full rollout.


Importantly, the Erding Registry Office consciously chose a deskintegrated product. By integrating the Wacom pen displays into desks, data privacy requirements have been met by ensuring it is not possible for unauthorized third parties to stand behind customers and read sensitive information while they are signing digital documents. In combination with the Wacom device’s large display which presents the entire document to be signed, customers get a familiar pen-and paper like experience, even though the process is completely digital.


This digital workflow solution, supported by Wacom pen displays, eliminates the time-consuming creation, completion and scanning of paper forms. It also uses up very little space and allows the digitally archived documents to be found quickly in the event of subsequent queries. The streamlined working process gives staff more time to deal with customers, significantly reducing registry office waiting times. And because the Wacom devices can display the document in multiple sizes, the registry office can also offer an enhanced service to senior citizens and those who are otherwise visually impaired.