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Optoma Short Throw Projectors Light Up Bocce Ball Courts For Interactive Experiences

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Optoma Short Throw Projectors Light Up Bocce Ball Courts For Interactive Experiences
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Silver Creek Sports Complex, located in San Jose, CA, underwent renovations to create the first full scale interactive bocce ball courts for a unique interactive experience to attract new clients. The enhanced space needed the right projectors for interactive projection. The sports complex collaborated with THE 5 Social and Interactive Projection USA to design the new bocce ball courts. To conserve costs, the design required using the least number of projectors possible which resulted in strict brightness and throw distance requirements.


The design called for four 90 by 12-feet bocce ball courts that required four ceiling-mounted projectors pointed directly down. Interactive Projection USA turned to Optoma for 16 ProScene ZU606TST short throw projectors with 6,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and a 0.79:1 short throw ratio. Thanks to the DuraCore technology and laser light source, the ZU606TST has an IP6X-certified optical engine for virtually maintenance-free operation, up to 30,000 hours (Eco) of light source life and the ability to operate 24/7 in 360° or portrait mode orientations for many years of dependable operation while maintaining optimal brightness.

Interactive Projection USA worked with Mario Aiello, architect, Dahlin Group, to design a system that integrated into the building architecture with a perfect mix of form and function. The 100% offset capabilities of the projector enabled Interactive Projection USA to mount the ZU606TSTs at the edge of the court for easier serviceability, too.

Each court employed four Optoma ZU606TST projectors with seven Intel RealSense LiDAR cameras to track movement of the bocce balls. Interactive Projection USA created a system that provides easy integration of company logos or other messaging into the interactive experience. The interactive experiences are limitless – new interactive themes can be easily uploaded to build a library of unique interactions.


Optoma ProScene ZU606TST projectors made the installations easy with enough brightness to light up the courts at any time of the day while fitting the budget. The completed interactive bocce ball experience is unique to the Silver Sports Complex.

“During play or rolling the bocce ball, there are three different immersive projections to choose from,” said Andy Anderson, Interactive Projection USA. “The interactions are custom designed for the Silver Creek Sports Complex and show pools of water, flames, electrical sparks and more.”

“We are so excited to finally open our “eatertainment” with the first interactive bocce courts in the Bay Area! Our company was looking for something fun and unique to offer, Interactive Projection USA created a way to make our new bocce courts interactive,” said Andrea Scott, president, THE 5 Social. “From design to installation they worked with us every step of the way. We are so happy with the team at Interactive Projection USA and really appreciated the super quick response time. Customers are amazed and it is helping create a buzz in the community! We already have plans for some other fun ways to use expand the system…stay tuned!! Thank you to the entire Interactive Projection USA team!!"